Movie 3/100: Toy Story

Toy Story

Directed by: John Lasseter | Starring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles  | 1995

Pixar's first feature-length film still shines after 23 years.

Typing that sentence made me feel so very old. I was only 6 when Toy Story first came out, and I was a little worried that, as amazing as Pixar consistently is, the movie and animation style would seem a bit dated. But aside from somewhat less realistic-looking human characters, the film looks as visually impressive today as it did back then.

I didn't expect this film to surprise me at all. After all, my little sister, Kate, was born the year Toy Story 2 came out and became obsessed once she was old enough to understand it, so that movie and its predecessor were in constant rotation in our house during my early adolescence. But there were definitely some more adult jokes that went over my head, even at age 12 or so. Like the line about Woody having "laser envy," and the scene where Buzz Lightyear (aka Mrs. Nesbitt) gets drunk on Darjeeling. 

I remember loving the elaborate ways the toys would get around, like this and this, and they were still a joy to watch. Also, Sid was absolutely terrifying when I was a kid, and he still gives me the creeps! 

Fortunately, Sid gets his comeuppance in this disturbing scene. If that's not scary enough for you, consider this: The carpet in his house was based off that in The Shining, and the burnt doll coming out of the sandbox in that final Sid scene was originally supposed to say "redrum." 

Read more about Toy Story references to The Shining  here .

Read more about Toy Story references to The Shining here.

There are lots of other Easter eggs in this movie (and other Pixar films) as well! I was also surprised to notice that Joss Whedon was one of the screenwriters. Crazy stuff. 

Toy Story is #99 on the AFI list; we are saving the very lengthy Ben Hur (#100) for the weekend.

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