I made her add peacock (proud) because of what Miss Crone said. 

Fri, Feb. 21, 1941

Dear Diary, 

Alice is home. This has been a good day. This morning in History Lillian and I were writing with our left & right hand, I with my left, she with her right. She wrote 


Lillian likes 

pigs                      lion                        donkeys

(Stupid)              (ferocious)             (dumb, stubborn)

Kangaroo,  Monkeys                        

(Long neck)

Lillian likes Mary.


She said I was all of them. I made her add peacock (proud) because of what Miss Crone said. 

I didn’t tell you about that, did I. Miss Crone called me up to her desk Wed. 7th period. 

She said, “I suppose you wonder what this is about.” 

I, “Yes, I have been.” 

She, “Well you’ve been acting in way that — — in anyone else I’d call cocky.” 

I, “Well go ahead.” 

She, “You seem to have a chip on your shoulder, I almost asked if it was hard wood or soft.” 

I, “I hadn’t thought just that.” 

She, “Well maybe it will be something to think of.” 

I, “Maybe it would.”

She said plenty then about my seeming to think she didn’t know what she wanted and it annoyed her. I told her that I should think it would. 

But come to think of it, this must have happened yesterday morning, for it was the day after she bawled me out. (I felt just terrible.)

Anyhow, I said, “Does Lillian like Linford” and she said, “Must be.” 

I heard a good speaker tonight. Miss Betty —— who’s going to Phillipeans. 

That’s about all.