Lucile got her first kiss tonight.

Written on top of page: Lucile got her first kiss tonight.

Sun. Mar. 16, 1941

Dear Diary,

What a day! This morning Lucile told me that Wayne & Leigh were up there after grange and stayed until 2:00. Genny said that they thought they were going to have company for breakfast  but they did manage to get away just before they cut the first grapefruit. I wasn’t quite sure then that they had been there. 

They wanted us to go tonight with them. I finally thought an excuse up and before I even got a chance to spring it, just that they wanted us to go, Mom looked relieved and said that it was too slushy to walk over to Cornwalls. 

So I got ready and began to think they weren’t coming. I got madder and madder. Then there was a knock at the door and then it was only Oliver Amesburry after milk. Then I just let him out and there stood Leigh. So I went. We went and then there were no seats so they put chairs in the middle aisle. So there we sat 

____________               ________________

Seat           |L|             |me|    seat_____

                  |W|            |Lucille.|

I’ll tell what happened later. I’ve go to go to school



I’m not sure that I entirely like the way we were sitting on the way back. It took matters just a little too far but I don’t know. At least he’s a perfect gentleman. 

I have his ring now. Mine too!

Well, this is some time later. Perhaps I’ll be more sane now.

We had got seated nicely when they began to take a roll-call of churches. They called Richburg first and we stood up. (All of us.) Then they called the rest. He didn’t call West Clarksville. Then he asked us if there was anyone who hadn’t stood. That Leslie Richmond, he’s an usher, said that those two girls in the center isle [sic] hadn’t stood. Mr. Shreckingross said, “How about it Miss Cady?” I said, “Why, we stood up.” 

Then they asked the choir, it was up front, to sing. It did but first Mr. Abbey made us come up front. Everyone laughed. It was awful. 

Boy Lucile got some looks during church tonight. I don’t think she saw them.

We came out and found it snowing hard. It was terrible driving. We even had to stop occasionally. We came home by Obi, the Haskill, and Little Genesee. It was only because we had to see if Pat had found a way home from Genessee. He had! 

We went up around by Jones’. We got up to Corbins and Wayne stopped. We’d been teasing him about her. We stayed for some time. Then we took Lucile home and came on down.

Just after we had got into the car at West Clarksville Leigh said, “Want a good ring?,” and gave me his. I didn’t even offer him mine. I was mad! 

I left my Bible in the car. 

I’d better quit.