Lucile said she’d never heard of Wayne.

Thurs. Mar. 6, 1941

Dear Diary, 

What a day! Jr.s and Sr.s played basketball tonight. I played and actually made a basket! The girls beat us and did they play a rough game! (The Sen. did) Our boys won though that was a rough game too. Toughie Lymann [sic] simply tackled (Dantie?) once and they had Lyman all over the floor. Had him by the neck once and finally hurt his knee until he had to go out. Then we came home and none of the dishes were done. We did them and went to Pomona. Paul rode over with us in Voorhees car. 

On the way back Mrs. Black came with us. Paul sat in back between us. He works up on the lease with Leigh’s father and could practically tell me my life history. He told about us, “crowding someone off the road.” On the way back he got to teasing Lucile about Wayne Baldwin. Mrs. Black said,” He’s a fine boy, there’s he and Leigh Harris up there.” I just acted dumb. Lucile said she’d never heard of Wayne. Paul told her she was pretty intimate with a stranger. 

We got home just at 12:00 and had some cocoa then went to bed.