He put his arm around Alice too!!!!

Wed., Jan 1, 1941

Dear Diary, - I have decided to try to keep you this year for I'd like some sort of record. Today is new-year's day. Last night we went to a watch-night meeting. Obi, West Clarkesville, and Richburg had it together at West Clarkesville. There were eight in our car, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Wightman, Gerald Jr., Francis, Helen, Alice, Leigh and I. We got over there in plenty of time and several of us sat in the same seat. Bill G., Jim W., Leigh, I, Elizabeth A., Helen, Florence, Francis. I didn't have enough room and was uncomfortable all through it. We had several songs Francis played, then Mr. & Mrs. Childs from Obi had a duet. Then Mr. Mason preached, more songs, a duet by the Updyke sisters, some Mr. Richmond spoke. He's from Clarkesville going to Bible School. Then his brother, Francis G. calls him (B. P.), Baggy Pants, sang a solo, Schreckinghost spoke, eats. Eliz., Helen, Francis, Florence and I went to the parsonage to use the bathroom, saw the baby, a real darling. 

We got back after they'd started so I couldn't sit with Leigh. Oh yes. We ate downstairs. There wasn't enough room so we went in the primary room. It's dear. 

Well then Castler spoke. He ended asking all who would consecrate their lives to come forward, then all kneeled, and prayed for help getting up when they were ready. Then everybody shook hands and went home.

So I entered 1941 kneeling in prayer of Thanksgiving beside Leigh, shook hands with him a moment after (not just an ordinary handshake) and wished him a Happy new year. Then I rode home on his lap. He put his arm around Alice too!!!! But he drew me down close, had my hand and laid my face against his. It was rather thrilling. But not as much as last Sun. night when he came in. When he left I'm sure he nearly kissed me, I could feel it. But mother was in the next room.

The day wasn't much. But I did copy several poems I want to keep into my notebook and went to prayer meeting. Heard all about Lucile's letter from Wayne

Tired but happy,