Tomorrow is Paul's birthday so we all paddled him.

Jan. 2, Thurs.

Dear Diary, 

What fun! I went to school today. It was rather hard to settle down but fun too. Linford has got a big tale about Lucile and Wayne, thinks Wayne drove all the way from Buffallo [sic] to give her the season pass to the Civil music club. Lucile thinks that Leigh told him when Linford and Gerald went up there last Sun. Linford mentioned seeing my picture. Gerald said that Leigh had some cute sisters.

Oh yes, Aunt Myrtle's going to move right up across the road from Harris's. A lot of peace Leigh'll have with De Lynn and his brother and possibly Alton. 

I went down to the cafeteria this fourth period and talked to Lucile. It was fun. She told me all that Wayne said in his letter. Then there was play practice for "Hearts & Flowers." We laughed as hard as ever. I got Lucile to say, "A week ago last Sun. morn." Then she said, "I'll repeat" and I told her probably. Then she caught on and was her face red!

She had a letter from Eloise, the stationary had B on it, and she showed it to Gerald. He thought it was from Wayne. Lucile put on a big act about not knowing Wayne was in Buffallo, etc. Then Mrs. [illegible] gave us ice cream and cake. We had a big time. 

Tomorrow is Paul's birthday so we all paddled him.  Then Gerald and Phyllis had a water fight. They ended up in Paul's car. Paul was going to change my record tonight. He didn't!

We finally got home. I screwed in the bed lamp and did Latin until I started this. Mom yelled for me to go to sleep so I did.