"It might have been."

Wed. Jan. 8th, 1941

Dear Diary, 

Somehow today has seemed awfully hollow. I’ve laughed until I cried, I’ve been happy, and I enjoyed prayer-meeting but underneath it all there has been that relentless nagging. I knew how the poet must have felt when he wrote, 

“Of all sad words of tongue or pen, 

The saddest are, “It might have been.” “

Well, otherwise today has gone very well. Mr. Austin told us that our mixed chorus did well, then gave us a 25 minute lecture on laughing too much, at the wrong time. Crone followed with a 15. Mrs. Cook took Miss Smith’s place today. 

Guess what the Jr.’s did. Miss. Crone said yesterday that if they were bored they could bring their knitting and every one of them brought that or fancy-work and the boys had a lot of rags they were fringing. Leo James had knitting. It was bright green variegated and he said he was making a tie, and wouldn’t get it done till Christmas. Well I guess they had a big time. 

Then eight period Lucile sat behind me. There was no glee club. Well she had handed me one of my Eng. papers and it was marked C - do over. I never gave it another thought until she told me she did it. Then I fixed up one of her English papers and gave it to her. It was entitled, “The future of Holgrave & Phoebe,” but I made it “Lucile & Wayne.” 

She was afraid she might get a letter today. Jean Corbin is going up to her house to stay all night. She wouldn’t dare let her see it. I had a lot of fun at choir practice but I don’t want to sing Sunday. I’m afraid Wayne & Leigh will come up. Perhaps Leigh won’t anyhow. That “why” of his was pretty indignant. Lucile says if he feels like that he’s not worth worrying over. Wish I thought so. She says he’ll respect me. I wonder. I hope so. Oh I’d like to go somewhere with him! Well “hope for the best.” One of the verses tonight was “The Lord will not always chide.” Oh I need strength.