Sr. skating party tonight.

Dear Diary, 

Sr. skating party tonight. It was fun. Leigh & Lorraine and Bud came over. They came in just as a trio skate was ending. I was skating with Aletha and Verneta. I went over to the side, and about 10 different girls came and told me he was there. Jane Mix wanted to skate with him awfully bad. I told him so (just to be sure he didn’t). He didn’t like it either. He said, “Oh she did.”

I only skated the moonlight and part of the Kentucky [Steel?] with Leigh. I couldn’t come home with them without written permission from home. That was all right too! Miss Smith told me he was cute and Aletha, Phyllis V., Jean P., and Jane all told me he was good-looking.

Lester took Phyllis because Gerald asked him too [sic] because he couldn’t skate well enough. Bill W. took Jean C. I told Leigh we could we could take a guest. He looked sort of funny. I finally said it had to be someone from our school. That’s about all I guess. I skated with Lorraine. Bud had never been on skates before.