I told him Lucile would call him a “dumb id’jit.”

Sun. Feb. 9, 1941

Dear Diary, 

“When you come to the end of a perfect day,” etc. Or almost. Church this morning, Naomi came home with me and left at 4 this aft. Mary Low & I were on time for Bible Study. Oh and during supper they started talking awful trying to make Betty Jane sick and instead Linford nearly threw up himself.

Harriet lead on, “I am the Ressurection [sic] and the Life.” She’s good. Then Helen, Mary Low and I started walking home. We were in front of Francis Moses’s when a car drove up and some one yelled, “Hey, Come help a minute.” Helen said, “Leigh!” and Mary Low, “Good night, Leigh!” 

It was he & Wayne. We all got in. Helen declared she wouldn’t until I found out which one he was. She told me to look at the back of their heads. He didn’t know what we were saying that for and Leigh thought we were entirely crazy. I asked if he were going to Lucile’s or if he wasn’t the one who did. Well we got in and he took Helen up. Leigh nearly spilled it but we kept looking at him and managed to keep him still. Wayne has grown a moustach. (spelled wrong.) I told him Lucile would call him a “dumb id’jit.” She did. 

We went up and slid from the top of the hill by Robinson’s twice. (Wayne went up there to turn around and stalled his car crossways of the road. He was afraid they’d come down through there.) then we went in and Jennie made the girls (except Lucile) go to bed. Jean hid behind the davenport and kept popping up. Finally she went to bed. Laura called Wayne, “Helen” and Gennie told about Lucile saying she could read the letters, “It was a lot of silly stuff.” She meant Eloise’s and handed Wayne’s over. (This is awfully mixed up but then) Wayne was telling about some woman that left a pr. of silk bloomers in the store and how he gave them to some guy that is just married and said it was a Christmas present from someone. 

We went in the parlor and the girls kept poking things down through the ventilator. Finally Wayne moved where they couldn’t see him. Then pretty soon Laura yelled, “Wayne, have you got dandruff that bad.” He said what and we looked behind the stove. They’d dumped some face powder down through. 

We went out in the car and sat for a while. Wayne & Lucile are certainly getting there by degrees but that word’s getting rather small to express it We certainly had fun. Lucile and I came in  and talked for a long time. Oh she’s grand! Leigh wanted me to ride back down with them. He made me mad, though, when we got into the car. Put his arm up on the back of the seat just as if he had a right to! Right in front of Mary Low & Helen too. Goodnight.