I got a valentine in the mail ...

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Sat. Feb. 15

Dear Diary

We canned 21 qts. of meat today.

I got a valentine in the mail and it made me mad! 

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This is the verse. Maybe last night made him think that I gave him a sign. But he thinks it’s funny that I didn’t thank him for it. How could I. I’m not going to mention it though! It’s going a little too far. I know how Lucile felt when Wayne said he’d bring her something. Oh the verse. 


I keep on looking for a sign, 

That someone likes me, Valentine

And just in case a hint won’t do

I’ll come right out and say, “Do you?” 


I do like him some but I don’t dare to care. It hurts too much. 

There’s grange tonight. Can’t wait to see Lucile.