What a day! Fun though!

March 2, 1941, Sunday

Dear Diary, 

What a day! Fun though! It started this morning at Wightmans watching the looks on various faces as they saw me. 

Then at Sunday School I said something (all four were there) and Leo said, “Kermit doesn’t believe in God,” and Kermit said, “I do too!” He said that he had changed his mind since the third grade and at S.S. Something I had said! Boy I was thrilled! 

We came up here for dinner and went down at 3:00 to a meeting. It was the poorest I’ve heard. Rev. Lowe came in for Bible Study. That was fun. Then we all ate. We sang some choruses and while we were singing, “There’s going to Be a Meeting,” Lucile said “Oh I wish Rev. Johns were here singing. I’m getting so homesick for camp!” I agree. 

This evening he spoke on Salvation. It was about his best, I think. Leigh & Wayne came in. I told Lucile but she wouldn’t believe me. Then after church Linford told her. Then she couldn’t get back fast enough! (Kind of gave herself away). We told the girls that he hadn’t any twin. They were just a little disgusted because we’d fooled them. Their faces were sights!

The boys wanted us to go skating but we wouldn’t on Sunday. Wayne said that that was just what he expected. Lucile repeated the first part of the poem that they read! She didn’t put my name in but she might as well have! Wayne gave her three of the pictures he had taken at the lake, ones of Dantel, Telford and the three, “chaps” to use his words. He told us that he probably wouldn’t be home for 6 weeks. Leigh said, “poor Lucile,” & I said “Poor Wayne” almost at the same time. Lucile did what Aunt Polly’s letter said. Wayne looked rather bewildered! 

We finally came in but I nearly left my bandana in the car. I’ll bet none of us would ever have heard the last of it. 

That’s all.