This is getting to be a real book.

Wed. Feb. 26, 1941

Dear Diary, 

I didn’t have one lesson done today. I’ve done two history assignments tonight and am up in my room doing Latin now. (Or am I?) I can’t do the junk and Miss Tyneson lectured us today. Tomorrow she’ll probably think we’re hopeless. 

Lillian said Linford left his gloves there last night and we cooked up a story about his having them at the Masons hall, Jane Ingalls finding them and callying Abby’s. Lillian was behind it too and supplied the biggest part, I fixed little details. Only he got mad at Lillian before she had a chane to tell him. It made her disgusted. 

He left right afterward to go to his grandfather’s who’s sick. Lillian says that she won’t give them to him until tomorrow, now. 

I’ve written 1 week & 1 day’s entry in here today. 

This is getting to be a real book. Think I’ll burn the whole 57 pages of nonsense, just to be sure that no-one but Lucile ever gets it.