The Know-It-All sisters put it on.

Thurs, Feb. 27, 1941

Dear Diary,

There’s not much going on today. The high spot was the radio program. The Know-It-All sisters put it on, Lucile & Laura, and they knew just a trifle too much. 

They had the cleverest joke on Latin Class and B.J. She brought a new excuse for not knowing her lesson, “No Miss Tyneson, It’s not because it’s so hard to learn, it’s so easy to forget.” There was a good one on Andy too. He was supposed not to chew gum or eat candy and then he head a suspicious lump on his jaw. He said, “No Miss Collins, I’m just soaking up a prune to eat at recess.” 

Then they announced that there would be 1/2 day of school tomorrow morning. (The other half in the afternoon.)

The cleverest thing was the poem they read, “Is it anybody’s business?”

They had it all rhymed off to the meter of Commin’ Thru The Rye. One line was, “Is it anybody’s business if Mary has a beau?” Another was something about “if Linford, great or small — — was on the sidewalk, where Linford’s going to call.” Another was “Is it anybody’s business but Kneel’s if Pat accepts another escort where Kneel isn’t?” Another was, “—What time Allan leaves Lorraine’s or if Allan leaves at all?” The whole thing was clever and went over big.

But you wait, Lorraine & I are going to have one Mon. I’ll read that poem sure as shooting! Mr. Austin wants to see it awfully bad. He said that if I wouldn’t read it all, he could cut some parts out.