There were a bunch of Bolivar guys behind us.

Sat. Mar. 28, 1941

Dear Diary, 

Well I found out that Leigh & Dick were hunting for Alice & I last night. I went with Orch. today. Leigh actually talked to me a few times. 

Oh I didn’t tell what happened yesterday. 

Lucile, Lorraine, & I were sitting together when Lucile told me that there were a bunch of Bolivar guys behind us and to put my arm around Lorraine. I did and thought she was crazy until I could just, “feel,” them look at my ring, I mean Leigh’s. Then I set Lorraine (illegible) and she flashed hers (Bud’s) around. We heard someone say, “Look, she’s got one, too.” Lucile said they all nudged each other and exlaimed.

It was more fun!

Our Orch. got 2 — our choir 2 & same as Bolivar. The boys started to sing the wrong thing on one of their solos. Bolivar couldn’t hear us though. They were dressing.