Nothing smashed anyway. I mean nothing happened that really counts. 

Sun. Mar. 29, 1941

Dear Diary,

Wayne & Leigh were at church this morning. Wayne has a new car. They took us girls home. We got up to Lucile’s and all the girls came down to the car. We had a big time. I was rather embarrased. Leigh had his arm around me and Barbours’ drove up.

When we started to go Wayne said, “Hey, put up that shade!” The back  shade was down. He said it was because of the sun. I wonder.

Tonight they went up and got Lucile. Helen and I walked around the block between Bible Study & church. It was fun. We came back and met them just as they drove up. Then we went in. There was a song service. The first one was, “Redeemed,” “The Lord Gave Me A Song,” followed soon. We went home the long way and stopped between Burdick’s and Cousin Marrion’s. We bothered Lucile and Wayne awfully. I told Wayne about 1 Thess. 5:26. Were their faces red! I’ll say.

They turned the light on several times but so did we. They got so they didn’t even move. It wasn’t any fun then. 

Say the northern lights were beautiful last night. Colored.

Paul Rodgers drove by. He stopped and we tore up past him and turned in at Lucile’s. He drove past tooting. Oh me!

Wayne & Lucile finally went in and we got to talking. When Wayne came out we turned the light on and talked some more. Leigh ordered me to wash dishes [illegible] and see if the black would come off. Sassy isn’t he? 

We really got settled comfortably on the way back. We weren’t afraid of the light then. In fact I’m not sure that there wasn’t a collision. Nothing smashed anyway. I mean nothing happened that really counts. 

We got down here and sat still just a minute and I asked Leigh for my Bible. Wayne said “Can you pick yourself up and get out, — that’s what I want.” He was only joking, “anyhow I hope.” I came in and went to bed. 

Thrilled, happy & tired. 




We let Jean in.

Leigh took my ring this morning.

Say did I bump my nose coming home. I was looking out the back window at the lights. We hit a bump! Wayne just took them to bother us. One that he took! Wow